Alpha Growth Management

Asset management focused on esoteric and longevity assets which provide uncorrelated returns to investors through registered interval funds.

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(AAACX – I Shares; AACAX – A Shares)

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Esoteric and longevity assets are those assets that are not heavily trafficked and therefore there is less competition in terms of acquiring these assets. They are generally non-bid, non-flow, non-market, non-auctioned, and non-brokered. For this reason, they are often highly unconventional and illiquid.

Examples include Structured Settlement Receivables, Legal Finance, Life Settlements, Royalties, and De Novo (Invented) Assets. Alpha Growth Management specializes in sourcing these assets and giving investors a low bar to entry. Esoterics and longevity assets can provide a refuge from the wide swath of asset classes (conventional or unconventional), which share at their core an erosion of alpha via sophisticated and relentless competition.


Our team works directly with registered investment advisors, private wealth managers, family offices, and broker dealers to help their clients access alternative solutions.